25. december

we wish all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Now we enjoy the Danish winter and our first snow

13. December, Amsterdam Winer 2014, Holland
last dog show this year for our team, and what a day we had!!


Hi-Kel Terrydale Up In Smoke, res, cacib and cac
Hi-Kel Terrydale Destiny, BOB and made the cut in the group!!!!

Judge Anca Giura


Kajsenborg's Dirty Secret did the double again!!!!

Judge Gitty Schwab

BOB Junior Amsterdam Junior Winner 2014 BEST IN SHOW junior 3 (among 80 other breeds)
BOB, Amsterdam Winner 2014 and made the cut in the group!!

12. December Holland Cup


Hi-Kel Terrydale Destiny. winner of Champion class
Hi-Kel Terrydale Up In Smoke 2nd in champion class

Judge Tiina Taulos, FI


Kajsenborg's Dirty Secret 3th in Junior class

Judge Rainer Jacobs, D
8. December USA

Go Jake go !! American champion Kajsenborg's Dirty Harry
won 4x BOB in USA thank you Berna Lee Akin
23. November danish terrier club, Billund

Belle BOB Hi-Kel Terrydale Destiny new Club Champion judge Kevin Brown

Another great result this weekend, Lisa (Kajsenborg's Envy My Steps)
won her last CAC on our 3th try, after been 2 years old. That makes her new Danish and Swedish Champion!
And she is the most winning female Jack Russell in Denmark 2014. Kennel club and terrier club system!!

And a special big thank you to Rie Kristensen who took Lisa for best female and showed her like a million bucks ending 2nd best female after Ana

Belle Hi-Kel Terrydale Destiny won BEST IN SHOW 4
Mannt Kajsenborg's Dirty Secret won BEST IN SHOW Junior 3

Ana Kajsenborg's Dirty Diana BOB and New Club Champion !
22. November danish terrier club

We did the double !!!!

Manny Kajsenborg's Dirty Secret, BOS, CAC, BOB junior, JCAC. Ana Kajsenborg's Dirty Diana BOB, club CAC
Judge Kevin Brown, DK

John-John Hi-Kel Terrydale Up In Smoke, BOS and club CAC. Belle Hi-Kel Terrydale Destiny BOB and Club CAC
Judge Michael Kirby, Ireland
Oh wow!!!!!!!!!! This is awesome! I'm very very very proud my girls!
Belle (Hi-Kel Terrydale Destiny) BEST IN SHOW 3 and
Ana (Kajsenborg's Dirty Diana) BEST IN SHOW 2!!!

In the confusing of happiness, I messed up the ribbons for this picture

Judge Michael Kirby, Ireland. Thank you!!
1. and 2. November, Int. show, Danish Winner Herning

First day was not our day.
Kajsenborg's Dirty Secret 2nd in junior class


Hi-Kel Terrydale Destiny BOB
Hi-Kel Terrydale Up In Smoke BOS

Danish Winner 2014

Manny. Kajsenborg's Dirty Secret did the double Best unior male, Danish Junior Winner 2014 and Best male, Danish Winner 2014 and BOS

Ana, Kajsenborg's Dirty Diana BOB and Danish Winner 2014

Lakelands did a repeat from the day before !!!
The Lakelands did well too!!!!
John-John (Hi-Kel Terrydale Up In Smoke) BOS, CACIB and Danish Winner!!

Belle (Hi-Kel Terrydale Destiny) was a big star!! BOB, CACIB, Danish Winner and BEST IN GROUP 2 !!!!!!
Michael West you are awesome!! Thank you for showing my red love, while I was in the group with Ana
While Manny (Kajsenborg's Dirty Secret) has been showing off this weekend in Denmark.
His brother Jake (Kajsenborg's Dirty Harry) have been shown 4 days in USA
all 4 days he went Best of Winners and Thursday he got BOB and group 3
And Saturday BOB and group 2!
Thank you Berna Lee Akin

These two brothers are only 10 month old and out of
Kajsenborg's Dirty Diana X Saltisgården Snille O Smak
11. and 12. october 2x danish terrier club show, Hobro

Very overwhelmed by my dogs performance this weekend!!! Just arrived home Friday morning after my stay in USA and with Ana's BOB win at Montgomery thank you once again
Maripi Wooldridge, Jennifer Stevens, Chris and Rachel Manelopoulos!

I went up north to Charlotte Staunskær who had been taking the best care of my other dogs while I was away, had to groom John-John and then drove to the city (4 hours away) where the terrier club show was. Friday night we (the dogs and I) arrived very tired and ready to bed...

Lucky dogs, I guess, they could sleep all the way in the car, not sure if dogs get jet lag too? But what a show we had, it all was so worth it!!!!

Ana's first show on Danish ground she won BIS 3 the day after she was BOS to her puppy Manny who won 2x BOB Junior and 2x BIS junior!
Belle won 2x BOS and John-John won 2x BOB and became new Danish and Finnish Champion.
5/10, Montgomery, USA

Kajsenborg's Dirty Diana, BOB at world famous Montgomery Co. Kennel Club USA
(First female to win BOB)
On picture with judge David Kirkland and the big family behind Ana Bananas success in USA!
2nd day at Hatboro, USA!
Manny "Kajsenborg's Dirty Secret" best of winners 5 point major!!!!
Brother Jake " Kajsenborg's Dirty Harry" res. Winners.
Mother Ana "Kajsenborg's Dirty Diana" was BOS !!!!!!!!
So proud of my breeding!

Belle the lakie "Hi-Kel Terrydale Destiny" won winners bitch and 5 point major!
21/9 Int. show, Hillerød Denmark

Jack Russell

Kajsenborg's Envy My Steps, 3rd best female res. CAC
Kajsenborg's Dirty Secret, 3nd best male, best Junior Copenhagen Winner 2014


Hi-Kel Terrydale Destiny, Best female,BOS, Copenhagen Winner 2014
5/9, USA

Jake (Kajsenborg's Dirty Harry) Best of Breed and a Group 3 at the Rocky Mountain All Terrier Show, USA!!

Congrats to owner Berna Lee Akin
31/8, Germany

Simon (Kajsenborg's Touch My Steps)

Klubsieger 2014

Owner: Kelly McDermott-Wamsler
31/8, Int, show Luxembourg

Belle (Hi-Kel Terrydale Destiny)
BOS, CAC, CACIB, Qual to Crufts 2015 and Benelux Winner2014 and Luxembourg Champion

John-John (Hi-Kel Terrydale Up In Smoke)
BOB, CAC, CACIB, Qual to Crufts 2015 and Benelux Winner 2014

Judge Gitty schwab
29/8, USA

Ana (Kajsenborg's Dirty Diana) win a group 3 in USA!
23/8, int. show Liepzig, Germany

Simon (Kajsenborg's Touch My steps) won BOB CACIB and German Winner

Owner Kelly McDermott-Wamsler

17/8 Int. show Bornholm

Belle (Hi-Kel Terrydale Destiny)
Win her final CAC and makes her

Danish Champion
Swedish Champion
Finnish Champion
Nordic Champion

Lisa (Kajsenborg's Envy My Steps)


Judge for both breeds
Anne Tove Strande
15.17/8 BORNHOLM terrier club and Int. show

Terrier show

John-John (hi-Kel Terrydale Up In Smoke)

Lisa (Kajsenborg's Envy My Steps)
Rodger (Touchster Red Bull)
Lilly (kajsenborg's Dirty Tricks) her first dog show!
BOB Puppy and BEST IN SHOW puppy

Judge Harry Lehkonen

9/8 WORLD DOG SHOW, Helsinki.

Belle (Hi-Kel Terrydale Destiny)
Was 2nd in open class.

John-John (Hi-Kel Terrydale Up In Smoke)
winner of open class
6/8 World Terrier Show, Helsinki, Finland

This was truly a amazing show!! Im so proud of the result of my Lakeland Terriers.

John-John (Hi-Kel Terrydale Up In Smoke)
took the judge by storm and was BEST MALE BOS with CAC

Belle (Hi-kel Terydale Destiny)
2nd best female and CAC !!!

3/8, USA

Ana win a group 3 in Michigan, USA
20/7, USA

Ana does it again BEST IN GROUP
19/7 USA

ANA (Kajsenborg's Dirty Dana) Winner of the terrer group in USA !!!
19/7 Germany.

Just got awesome news !! Kelly McDermott- Wamsler thank you so much! Simon "Kajsenborg's Touch My Steps" just won BEST IN SHOW in Germany! With words from the judge that he was one of the best moving jack Russell's she had seen!
13/6 Danish terrier show, Svendborg.

Lisa (Kajsenborg's Envy My Steps)

Rodger (Touchstar Red Bull)
BOB Junior and JCAC

Judge Arend Scholten, NL

Belle (Hi-Kel Terrydale Destiny)

John-John (Hi-Kel Terrydale Up In Smoke)

Judge Hassi Assenmacher Feyel
29/6 Szczecin, Terrier show, Poland

Lisa (Kajsenborg's Envy My Steps)
Judge Ina Małecka

John-John (Hi-Kel Terrydale Up In Smoke)

Belle (Hi-Kel Terrydale Destiny)
BOB, CAC and BEST IN SHOW !!!!!!!

Breed and BIS judge Jean-Francois Vanaken, Thank you !!!!
28/6 Int. show Szczecin, Poland

Lisa (Kajsenborg's Envy My Steps)
BOB, CAC, CACIB and made the cu in the group, breed judge Andras Koroz

Belle (Hi-Kel Terrydale Destiny)

John-John (Hi-Kel Terrydale Up In Smoke)

Breed judge Andras Koroz Group judge Andrzej Kaźmierski

Best in show Brace 2 Class wih Belle and John-John... That was lot's of fun!

21-22/6 Int. show in Vejen, Denmark

First day
Lisa (Kajsenborg's Envy My Steps)

BOS, CAC, CACIB Judge Andres Korozs.

Second day

Lisa (Kajsenborg's Envy My Steps)

BOB, CAC, CACIB and Best in Group 3

group and breed judge Victor Lobakin.
8/6 News from USA

Ana, Kajsenborg's Dirty Diana got a group 2 in USA.
And her puppy son Jake, Kajsenborg's Dirty Harry got point and a puppy group 2 in another part of USA

Thank you teams !!

31/5-1/6 2x danish terrier club show and DTK winner 2014

First day
Belle (Hi-kel Terrydale Destiny)
BOB, CAC. judge Enrique Mate Duran, Spain

DTK Winner show

Belle (Hi-Kel Terrydale Destiny)
BOB, CAC and DTK Winner and Best In Show 4 Breed judge Les Aspin BIS judge Dodo Sandahl!

Lisa (Kajsenborg's Envy My Steps)
BOS, CAC, DTK Winner udge Dodo Sandahl.
29/5 FDA Natioal show.

Lisa (Kajsenborg's Envy My Steps)


Judge Simon Miles, Australien

10/5 int. show in Roskilde, Denmark

Lisa (Kajsenborg's Envy My Steps)
Was best female and BOS, CAC and CACIB Judge Vesa Lehtonen from Finland

Belle (Hi-Kel Terrydale Desteny)
Was BOB, CAC and CACIB with a great report from the judge Mike Macbeth from Canada

12 and 13th of April 2x terrier show

Lisa (Kajsenborg's Envy My Steps) 2nd best female res. CAC

Manny (Kajsenborg's Dirty Secret) 2x BOB baby! BEST IN SHOW 2nd and BEST IN SHOW 4th
USA 19-23th of March

The first show in USA for Lisa (Kajsenborg's envy My Steps) she won BOB, 1 point and made the cut in the group, at the Tarheel show USA.. Thomas was BOS and won 1 point.

Lisa (Kajsenborg's Envy My Steps) won BOB and 1 point and made the cut in the group again!! Thomas (Kajsenborg's Goldfinger) BOS and 1point, Tarhee show

Thomas (Kajsenborg's Goldfinger) was the star today, BOB and 1 point. Lisa (Kajsenborg's Envy My Steps) won BOS, Tarheel shows

Thomas (Kajsenborg's Goldfinger) won BOB and 2 points and Lisa (Kajsenborg's Envy My Steps) BOS and 1point!

Thomas (Kajsenborg's Goldfinger) is a star, BOB and 2 points again today, Lisa (Kajsenborg's Envy My Steps) BOS, last show at Tar-heel
1 and 2nd of march we has 2x terrier show, and what a weekend we had !!

Manny (Kajsenborg's Dirty Secret) was at his first show, just 3 month old winning BOB and BIS 4 baby!

Lisa (Kajsenborg's Envy My Steps) 2x BOB and 2x CAC and 2x made the cut in the BIS!

Belle (Hi-Kel Terrydale Destiny) 2x BOB and 2xCAC
BEST IN SHOW reserve and BEST IN SHOW 3th !!
14th to 16th of Feb

I went to USA, Denver to deliver Jake (Kajsenborg's Dirty Harry) to his new owner Berna Lee
Such a nice weekend, but way to short!! I know Jake will have the best home, but I will miss him !

Our first show of the year, Belle (Hi-Kel Terrydale Destiny) the Lakeland was 2nd best bitch and res. Cacib..

Lisa the Russell (Kajsenborg's envy my steps) was BOS with CAC..
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