Hi-Kel Terrydale Destiny BELLE

TOP TERRIER in Denmark #1‼️

Brothers on the top!!!

Kajsenborg's Dirty Harry #3 Russell in USA
Kajsenborg's Dirty Secret #2 Russell in Denmark

So proud of Jake!!!!
Kajsenborg's Dirty Harry, BOS at Eukanuba in Orlando, USA
thank you so much Jill Ferrera Berna Lee Akin and Gustavo Molinari

Domingo BIS puppy 2
Manny 2nd best male
Belle BOB and BIS 4

Great news from DTK in Billund.
Brother and sister it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BOB Kajsenborg's Dirty Secret, Manny
BOS Kajsenborg's Dirty Deal, Fanny
Thank you judge Una Rigney from Ireland
So Proud!!!
Kanix Don Domingo BIS 2 Puppy
Hi-kel Terrydale Destiny BIS 3 and still in the lead to be TERRIER OF THE YEAR 2015 !!!!!!!

Another great result from this weekend, not to forget little Dante (Kajsenborg's Wide Receiver) and Mare Ković strutting there stuff in Slovenia, CACIB Vrtojba. Best In Show Puppy!!! Thank you!! Such a wonderful team you two are


Poznan, Poland



Kanix Don Domingo

Kajsenborg's Envy My Steps

CAC, CACIB and new Polish Champion

Manny... Kajsenborg's Dirty Secret, had a pretty good weekend in Poland too!
First day CACIB and Best Of Breed (entry of 45 JRT) second day CACIB and Poland Winner 2015.. So proud of my special boy!!!

Great news from Poznan int.
Kanix Don Domingo BOB puppy and among the last 7 out of over 50 puppies all breeds.
Kajsenborg's Envy My Steps, Lisa CACIB, CAC and New Polish Champion!!
Kajsenborg's Dirty Secret, Manny CACIB, CAC and BOB and short listed in the group!! Thank you Jennifer Hansen
Hi-Kel Terrydale Destiney, Belle BOB and group 2!!!!! So proud!!! Now celebrate

Belle is amazing!!! BOG at the biggest show in Denmark, Danish Winner and got reverted TOP DOG ALL BREEDS #4 in Denmark!!!! No words
Michael West the biggest thank you for being a very big part of this success!!!

Herning, DK

Kanix Don Domingo


Danish Winner 2015
BOB Hi-Kel Terrydale Destiny
BOS Bamse-Brakars Cuba
Judge Walter Jungblut, DE

Herning, DK

Belle got a group 3 in int. Herning, in a very strong line up of terriers! Very proud and the warmest thank you to Michael West for showing Belle just amazing 😘


Baby Dante does it again
Kajsenborg's Wide Reciever
Best In Show Puppy 3

So proud!! Jake Kajsenborg's Dirty Harry got a group 2nd in USA this weekend!! Big congrats to owners Berna Lee Akin and Jill Ferrera thank you Gustavo Molinari
My Morris and Essex experience.. I was judging the Sweepstake in Parson Russells, puppies and veterans! Such a special show to be a part of!

Our little Dante, Baby BIS2 on CACIB Tulln and 2x BOB Baby at the biggest show in Austria with more than 5000 dogs entered and around 50 babies in the main ring!
Kajsenborg's Wide Receiver!! Mare Ković you make me proud! And biggest congrats to Dantes lovely family in Croatia 😘😘
Copenhagen Winner

Belle!!!! Judge Bill Brown-Cole, GB BOB and Copenhagen Winner 2015
Later she was BEST IN GROUP and BEST IN SHOW 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Belle BEST IN SHOW, terrier specialty Denmark!!! Judge breed, Peter Greenway, GB judge for BIS Peter Lauber, CH. Happy dance

Match, Årsle, Fyn

First show for Kanix Don Domingo
He did it in style!!


Hawaii, USA!!

Ana Kajsenborg's Dirty Diana

3x Best in Group

I need to share this!! Ana (Kajsenborg's Dirty Diana) and I meet MartinandVanessa Skou first time in 2012, they was visiting Martins family in Denmark and wanted to meet my Russells! They convinced me that I should go and show Ana at Montgomery because that was the first time the Russells could compete at that show. Vanessa arranged that I could go with Courtney Kniola and help her out, that was such a amazing time and we had so much fun!
I came in contact with Maripi Wooldridge and later amazing things has happened!!!! Ana was BEST OF BREED at Montgomery co. 2014 and I got my beloved Lakeland terrier Belle!!!
3 years later other possibilities came along and I and Ana was invited to Hawaii!! This resulted in Ana winning two times BEST IN SHOW in USA !! I am forever grateful to all who have been involved in the journey Ana is a all time top winning jack russell terrier breed and owned by my mom and I!!!!
4/9 European Winner, Oslo

Belle, winner of Champion class, res. CACIB res. European Winner !!!!!

Baby Dante (Kajsenborg's Wide Receiver) is having fun!!

2x CACIB & CAC Posusje, Bosnia and Herzegovina Dante won BIS Baby and BIS Baby 2!! Under the judges Mr. Ante Udovicic and Mr. Nedim Suta.

Big congrats to owners and Handler, just look at the smile on Mare Ković face!! thank you!
Belle BEST OF GROUP 2, National show, Varde DK she is so special

Hot news!!!! Manny (Kajsenborg's Dirty Secret) won BOB!!!!!
Anna Andersen
and Sonja (stand by me of noeschas inspiration) BOS and new Danish Champion!! Judge Lillian Lleton, DK said that both dogs was a pleasure to watch in the ring!!! We are happy

Awww, my little Belle (Hi-Kel Terrydale Destiny)
won BEST IN SHOW 3 !!! She is in the lead of been
TOP TERRIER in Denmark ! So Proud and humble

Jake got another Group one in USA!!! Thank you team! Jake is GCH Kajsenborg's Dirty Harry

Great news from Denmark!! Belle Hi-Kel Terrydale Destiny won the group again and got BIS 4 at the int. show in Bornholm, thanks a Million Michael 😘😘

Oh wow, Jake GCH Kajsenborg's Dirty Harry
won the GROUP in USA... So proud !! Thank you team
August 2015

Im on Hawaii!!!!

Ana Multi Ch Kajsenborg's Dirty Diana are going to stay few month to represent the Jack Russell Terrier on a few dog shows.

From one amazing island to another!!! I'm on Hawaii enjoying my holiday my dogs at shows on Bornholm (the island of sun, in Denmark) with amazing results, who would had thought Belle (Hi-Kel Terrydale Destiny) could do it again, another BEST IN SHOW!!!!!!! With her love Michael West and wild man Manny (Kajsenborg's Dirty Secret) went on to be second best male, thank you Tine Arnild you are the best so happy and proud, could not had done this without all the best help!!! THANK YOU

Proud owners with baby bis#2 on national show in knin croatia!!!
Kajsenborg's Wide Receiver aka Dante
(Kajsenborg's Dirty Secret x Kajsenborg's Envy My Steps)
thank you Mare Ković and Tonci Bonaci I'm so proud of you

SPLIT, Croatia!!!
Holliday and dog show!!!!

We missed the first day of showing but ended up with 2xCAC, 1xCACIB and 2xR-CAC.. Manny have to come back visiting Croatia and his new friends see you later Tonci Bonaci, Mariana Radolfi Bonaci, Mare Ković and Anna Andersen.

Belle BOB and Interra Winner
New Croatian Champion

The best part of been a breeder is to find the best home for a puppy!! (and get lots of new friends!!) I want to wish Kajsenborg's Wide Receiver aka Dante (Kajsenborg's Dirty secret x Kajsenborg's Envy my steps) the best of luck in his new home in Croatia with the greatest family ever!!! Thank you Tonci Bonaci and Mariana Radolfi Bonaci and Mare Ković for been so wonderful 😘😘

Jake!!!! Group 3 in USA
Grand champion Kajsenborg's Dirty Harry


Belle BOB today Manny BM4 (Svendborg Danish Terrier Festival)

Szczecin, Poland

BELLE Hi-Kel Terrydale Destiny

CACIB, BOB and New Polish Champion
and BEST IN SHOW at the terrier show


Belle won group second in Denmark
Vejen Int. dog show

Great Western, Los Angeles USA

Manny and I are on a adventure of a life time!!
Manny was reserve winner first day in the ring on second day he was winners dog and got his last 5 point (major) and can call himself AMERICAN CHAMPION

Omg!!!! Just got the most amazing news!!!!
While I enjoy palm trees in Long Beach USA
Belle (Hi-Kel Terrydale Destiny) is having fun
with Michael West at the big international show in
Vejen Denmark. She just won the GROUP
so amazing news I'm so happy


Wow! While Manny is sleeping his "beauty sleep" in Italy, his brother
Jake, Grand Champion Kajsenborg's Dirty Harry won a group 4 in Bahai Sur, USA!!!
Thank you Gustavo Molinari and Berna Lee Aki

12/6 Club show Italy

Belle was the only dog I had to show that day.
She was 3rd in Champion Class

13/6 World Dog Show Italy

Belle was 3rd in a huge champion class
Manny was onlt *very good* that day

Despide the results we had a wonderful trip to Italy. In great company

14. May

FDA national show

Manny BOS judge Ingrid Borchorst
Belle BOB judge Mette Sørum and Group 3 judge Ingrid Borchorst
10. May
Belle won BEST IN SHOW !!!!!!
Belle is Danish Terrier Club Winner 2015
Kajsenborg's Dirty Secret. BOB Junior DTKJW15, BOB and Danish Terrier Club Winner 2015 and Best In Show junior 3!!!
9. May
Danish terrier show in Billund, Manny BOB and BOB junior and Belle BOB and BEST IN SHOW 3 !!!
25. April

Jake Kajsenborg's Dirty Harry, BOB USA!!!
Judge Patty Keenan
18 april

Belle is AMERICAN CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!
BOB over specials at Columbia Terrier show and group 4 with an entry of over 400 terriers!!!!! So so proud thank you Maripi Wooldridge you are the BEST
3. April National show Denmark

Manny BOB and Group 3
Belle BOB and Group 4
2 x Danish Terrier Show, Hårlev


Belle (Hi-Kel Terrydale Destiny) BOB and Best In Show 4

Manny (Kajsenborg's Dirty Secret) BOB, BOBJ Best In Show junior 2


Belle (Hi-Kel Terrydale Destiny) BOB and Best In Show 4

Manny (Kajsenborg's Dirty Secret) 2nd best male, BOB junior
28/2 Benelux Winner in Gronningen, Holland

Another really great day for our dogs! and such a fun and nice trip together with Christina !

Belle (Hi-Kel Terrydale Destiny)

BOB and among the last 6 in the group. and new Benelux Winner 2015

Manny (Kajsenborg's Dirty Secret)

BOB, Benelux Junior Wnner and Benelux Winner 2015

Judge for both breeds Kelly Dhr A
17/2 Westminster USA

What a awesome trip !!!

Manny (Kajsenborg's Dirty Secret) was Best Of Winners. judge Rosalind Kramer!

Thank you to Maripi and Jennifer for all your help and a nice week in New York

7/2 First dog show of the year!

DKK int. show Fredericia, DK

What a day we had!!

Manny "Kajsenborg's Dirty Secret" Best Male, CAC and BOS judge Anette Bystrup

Belle "Hi-Kel Terrydale Destiny" Best Of Breed and BEST IN GROUP!!!!!!!!!!! Judge Hanne Laine
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