3. and 4. December

We took the long trip to Helsinki, Finland..
Helsinki and Finnish winner show,
and the last dogshow for our team. Zumba and Ana did so well!!!!
An truly amazing and unforgettable trip!

Helskinki winner.
Zumba BOS, CAC, CACIB and Helsinki winner!!!!!!!!!
Ana BOB, CAC...... Helsinki Junior and Helsinki Winner!!!! (46 JRT enterd!)
Judge Jetta Tschokkinen
Later Ana was 4th in group! Is so overwhelmed...

Finnish winner

Zumba class winner
Ana won a junior class of 14 and was 3th best female
and Finnish Junior Winner!!

26. November

We had a small trip to Amsterdam winner.

Ana had a very good.. but the picture speaks for them self ;o)

I was showing the skye terrier Svedske to BOB! (Skywalker keep on rocking)

12. November

Dollar Charles Dickens Dodgems, had sooo much fun in Sweden.. he was playing with his breeder Marie Kennel Charles Dickens

2nd best male with res. CAC!! Great job little Dollar!

5. and 6. November.. Double int. winner show in Herning (Danish winner)

Ana did win BOB both days.. Danish Winner and DKKV11

For sure making her

Thank you to judges Hanne Laine and Christine Rossier

Later that day (Danish winner), she was 4th in group!!!! Judge Britta Roos-Börjeson

Little Mona Kajsenborg's Liecens to Kill was on her first show, and did excellent

3rd best female puppy first day
BOB Puppy the second day!


Little Mona :)

Would like to share this picture with you all !!

Croatian Junior Champion, Chopenhagen winner 2011
winner of 7 CAC and BIS placements (Baby, Puppy, Junior and Adult!)

Kajsenborg's Dirty Diana
13 month old

15.10.2011 Terrier club show in Aars.

A absolutely fantastic day!!!!

Kajsenborg's Goldfinger. Little Thomas was 2nd best baby in breed.

And the star of the day ANA Kajsenborg's Dirty Diana.

Best Junior, BOB and CAC (no. 7)
Later in the main ring she was:

Only 13 month old!

So so proud and happy!!

18.09.2011 Int. kennel club show

I did show Houston the setter, he was BOB and BIG 4!


Luxembourg Youth Champion LCH WW-10 KBHV-10 DKV-10 DKKV-10

Set'r Ridge's Delivering The Dream

17.09.2011 Terrier club show in Hedensted

My little Thomas 'Kajsenborg's Goldfinger' was at his very first show and won BOB Baby

Ana 'Kajsenborg's Dirty Diana' won CAC and BOS!

Home from the Europa Winner and CAC show in Leeuwarden, Holland 

*Ana* Kajsenborg's Dirty Diana
Euw- 3th in a huge junior class of 17 females!

*Zumba* Galaksi Security Control
Res. European Junior Winner

So fun! our hotel was so close, that we could go back and forth..

National show in Varde (DKK) 20.-21. August

First day Dollar, Charles Dickens Dodgems
did a very good show, only his second time in the ring ever,
he was 2nd best male with CAC!!!

And then it was Ana (Kajsenborg's Dirty Diana) and she did ROCK the ring!! BOB and CAC only 11 month old! We are so soo proud of both our juniors!

4 Days summer show in Vejen, Denmark

Again we had a awesome 4 days show, this time in Denmark.
Also a very nice show, with great friends and dogs!!!!

Ana doing the funny face ;-)

Zumba- Galaksi Security Control

2x 2nd best male with CAC
1X Best Of Breed

Ana our winning prinsess Kajsenborg's Dirty Diana

2x Best Of Breed
1x BOS
3x CAC

4 night summer show Split, Croatia

We had a great trip (Ana, Zumba and Tenna) to beautiful Croatia! And meeting new friends..
And we had some nice results with us home :-)))

*Zumba* Galaksi Security Control
1x BOS
3x among the last juniors in BIS
4x Junior CAC

Proudly Present our new

Croatia Junior Champion


*Ana* Kajsenborg's Dirty Diana

2x Best Of Breed
2x Best junior of Breed
1x best junior female
2x among the 10 best juniors in BIS (all breeds)
1x among the 6 best in the group 
3x Junior CAC

Proudly present our new

Croatia Junior Champion



Having FUN at the beach!! Enjoy :-D

We were in PARIS!!!
At the World dog show.

Zumba was 4th in a huge parti junior male class!!!!
He showed like a dream! Thank you Michael and Lotte for this sweet dog.

Ana was among the 10 best out of 34 stunning junior females from all over the world!
Proud to be breeder, owner and handler!

We are sooooo HAPPY! Ana Kajsenborg's Dirty Diana ♥ did show her heart out today, at the Copenhagen winner show.. The judge told me that she had the BEST MOVEMENT he has ever seen in a Jack Russell!!!! Only 9 month and 5 days old, first time in junior class!! Copenhagen winner 2011 and BEST OF BREED!! Love that little dog ♥

4 weeks to go.. and Kim (Kajsenborg's Up Where we belong) is very pregnant :-D

23.04.2011... Charles Dickens Dodgems aka Dollar was 4th best male.. first time out i junior class, with a very nice note from the judge!!

22.04.2011...........BEST OF BREED!!!!

Teddy- Kajsenborg's Man in the mirror did great on hes very first show..... BOB and CAC
Congrats to his proud owner Betina Gadeberg!! Way to go..

Kajsenborg's Dirty Diana aka Ana Did win BOB puppy again! And made the cut in the main ring, but no placement..

April 2011..
Homepage Make-over, Enjoy!!


19/20-03 2x terrier show in Hårlev.. Ana Kajsenborg's Dirty Diana was BOB puppy both days, and Sunday she won BEST IN SHOW Puppy!!!! We are over the moon, and sooo proud of our little girl!

Ana the super star.. looking proud of herself..

Another GREAT weekende, this time at the Terrier show in Hedensted, 13/2-2011

Congrats to Louise Bachmann and the big success with Kalle the fox :-)

Ana Kajsenborg's Dirty Diana is just showing herself off...
another BOB Baby and BEST IN SHOW 2
We are more than proud of our little girl!

Thank you TINA for this picture!

Thank you Kirsten for this picture

Kalle Kajsenborg's I'm Bad 2nd best male with CAC and Best junior!

Thank you TINA for this amazing picture of Louise the groomer, owner and handler of Kalle

Kajsenborg's I'm Bad

Ana and Dollar first time out ever... 6/2-2011 We had a great day at the open show in Årslev, Fyn
The results speeks for themself :-))

Ana...our new shining star! Kajsenborg's Dirty Diana
With very nice words from the Judge Søren Wesseltoft
Ana whas BOB Baby and BEST IN SHOW Baby!!

Dollar was BOB Puppy and.......Best In Show 4 Puppy....He showed like a pro.
With nice words from the judge!

Dollar (Charles dickens Dodgems)

First Show for us, whas at spaniel club dinner show in Stoholm, Denmark 23/1-2011

Zumba (Galaksi Security Control) Did a great job, showing first time in junior class.........
He was BOB with CAC... Only 9 month old!!!!!! I'm sooooo proud of my little boy!

Zumba says...Mom, come on....PINK??!

---------Our team for 2011---------

Dollar- Charles Dickens Dodgems

Zumba- Galaksi Security Control

Ana- Kajsenborg's Dirty Diana

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