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Pippie, my very first dog!!
Galaksi Right next to the right one

When I was 13 years old, my mom allowed me, to buy my own dog,(2003) Even though we had the house full, the thought of having my own dog, was very overwhelming. My fascination for breeding and dog shows began with my American Cocker Spaniel. I never actually had a litter of Am Cockers. But in 2010 I had my first litter of my own,in the affix of Kajsenborg's. It happend to be a Wire Fox Terrier litter, and with that, a big love for Terriers just kept growing.

The Cockers

Charles Dickens Eyes Like Fire aka DeeDee and Charles Dickens Dodgems aka Dollar (Born: 18/05-2010) I really loved these two dogs, and had so many things planned for the future with them, but DeeDee had a eye accident and Dollar had very bad hips!
Dollar and Zumba and Ana the Russell
Charles Dickens Eyes Like Fire aka DeeDee
Born: 27/05-2011
Junior World Winner in 2012, amazing moment, and I really loved this bitch, but she was a bitch and would kick the terriers butt.. Unfortunatly she had a accident with her eye and got blind. How things can change is a second.
Galaksi Security Control aka Zumba

The Wires!

In 2010 I had my one and only litter of Wire Fox. 4 boys was born this was one of them
Kajsenborg's Man In The Mirror,  CC winner.

another of the 4 brothers. Kalle with owner Louise Bachmann
Kajsenborg's I'm Bad, he was also a CC winner
the 3rd brother Kajsenborg's Smooth Criminal
Foxtan's Goldpiece aka Aura (CC Winner)
Born: 21/05-2008
My second wire, and the mother to my one and only litter. and a best friend to Uffe my male.
Cacopoulos Apassionato aka Uffe
Danish and Swedish Champion
Born: 15/04-2007
My beloved Wire! My first own Terrier. Love the elegance of the Wire Fox. But unfortunatly they are not great pack dogs, and that made them difficult to keep in the house, so had to make the tough decision that the Wire is not "the" breed for me, but they have a very big place in my heart.


In 2006 I spent whole October month in Seattle. And had a trip to Canada.
Love the dogshow and peopble over there.
Thank you soo much, Lynda and Bill Mclaen. For taking such a good care of me.. I'll bee back..
Picture from a great trip to USA in Januar 2008
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